Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wolverine Bobwhite Boots Product Test

As a member of StuffStuff I frequently get the opportunity to do product testing and reviews. This is one such review.
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This time around I had the chance to test some hunting boots.  They had several color options.  I chose camouflage, of course.

The Wolverine Bobwhite Boots are an excellent option for someone looking for a lightweight, waterproof boot.

Just out of the box
Just out of the box
I used this boot for several pheasant hunting trips this winter.

On warm days my feet stayed comfortable and dry in wet and muddy conditions while providing good traction and no mud buildup in the treads.  I really hate when my shoes end up weighting an extra 10 lbs from mud build up, not to mention the loss of traction.

The boot also kept me warm when the temperature was below freezing in fairly deep snow. The light weight was an added bonus when trudging through the snow and up hills.

I only had one minor issue with the boot, the laces go all the way to the top.  This made getting the boots on and off a bit of a chore, especially inside the truck.  Switch the top two laces from eyelets to hooks so they are easier to put on and take off and all would be well.

In the field
In the field
Overall this is the lightest, high-top boot I have ever owned. It's a very comfortable boot and would be a great answer to someone looking for something lightweight and waterproof.

Boots in the field
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